Family. Feelings. Fulfillment. As women, we put partners and children ahead of our need to feel good about ourselves. This community is a place where we can be supported and purposeful--outside of being a mom and/or wife. Would you value a group like this? Let's talk and find out!

Meet Brie

Hi, I'm Brie Danielle, a MOM.itarian 


That's my term for someone who's passionate about supporting the physical and mental well-being of mothers. As head of the MOM.itarian movement, I'm building a universal community of women who want to support and help improve the lives of mothers everywhere.

As women, we need to feel good about ourselves and believe we're being supported and purposeful outside of being a mom and/or wife.

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I invite you to join the MOM.itarian community of supportive, funny, fashion forward, wine-loving women! We discuss parenting, celebrations, healthy living, running small businesses, marketing ideas, and LIVE wine nights (duh).

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