About Brie

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Family. Feelings. Fulfillment. As women, we put partners and children ahead of our need to feel good about ourselves. Our community is a place where we can be supported and purposeful--outside of being a mom and/or wife. Would you value a group like this? Let's talk and find out!

Hi, I'm Brie Danielle, MOM.itarian 


That's my term for someone who's passionate about supporting the physical and mental well-being of mothers. As head of the MOM.itarian movement, I'm building a universal community of women who also want to support and help improve the lives of mothers everywhere.

As women, we need to feel good about ourselves and believe we're being supported and purposeful outside of being a mom and/or wife.

When I was a new mom, I suffered from PTSD when I almost died giving birth to my daughter, followed by postpartum depression. I was a mess.


Don't get me wrong, becoming a mother has been the greatest blessing of my life. But it has also been the hardest thing I've ever done. Juggling the kids, everything in our household, and my husband's career has left nearly no time for myself. I have continued to fight depression and to know I have a greater purpose outside of "Mom".


You see, somewhere over the years, I forgot who I was. At a deeper level, I felt a void--like a piece of me was gone. To fill that gap I tried returning to work as an RN, both full-time and part-time.


That helped, and I felt better at times, but mostly working just added more stress as I still had to manage everything on top of a super stressful career. And I missed my kids.


So I joined a network marketing company as a gift to myself, something just for ME that filled the emotional and financial void that other mothers have told me they're searching for.


But that was just the beginning of my journey. Along the way I discovered many ways to fill that void, and in this community, I will share what has worked for me. My goal is to be raw and authentic in helping you feel less alone and more fulfilled on this wild ride we call motherhood.


I invite you to join the MOM.itarian community of supportive, funny, fashion forward, wine-loving women! We discuss parenting, celebrations, healthy living, small businesses, marketing ideas, and LIVE wine nights (duh).


I'll encourage you to be an active member: Share your shit days, celebrate your wins, show off your nails, and share your favorite healthy living tips.


This is a judgment-free/bitch-free zone! Remember, we're all in this together, so please treat your fellow lady friends with gentle love and kindness.