What You Should Be Posting on LinkedIn

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

This is a short and sweet introduction on how to put LinkedIn to work for you! Here's my quick explanation of why you should be using LinkedIn to grow your business.

1. It's full of professionals and if you're looking to grow a team don't you want motivated, driven, harding working professionals on your side?

2. Your prospects are much more open to hearing about your opportunity and or services because it's a professional platform. Unlike Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn was created for people looking to grow their professional appearance so the users are much more responsive to you. 

3. People are looking for jobs via LinkedIn so recruiting here is not perceived as crazy or overstepping your boundaries. 

My number one tip to using LinkedIn is JOIN GROUPS! Search for what interest you or what interest your prospects. For instances, I'm growing a team so I'm looking for people who like social media or network marketing. I also want to get in front of professionals who I already know like my product. So I joined wine themed groups.

Tip numero duo is engagement. Like most platforms it's important to engage with other members. Comment on their posts, like them, share them. Private message people and get to know them. 

The third tip is posting value on your page and in groups. Share articles that are relevant to your business and/or product. Post content that your prospects would find helpful or interesting. This doesn't have to be your work. Google an article that relates to your business and products and post it via LinkedIn. This builds your credibly as an expert in your field. Even if you didn't write it, it's shows that you value good information and want to share it with the masse. 

Just remember if your sharing content other than yours, please be sure to give credit. Otherwise you lose all credibly!

Please drop a comment and let me know if you use LinkedIn and how it works for your business.

Until next time my friends!

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